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25+1 Trading Tips

Here are 25+1 Trading Tips!

Read our list of 25+1 trading tricks and you will be able to use them for your trading strategy and for the best management of your trading operations.

But let’s start with 25 general Trading Tips!

5 General Tips in Trading

Enter the financial instrument with which to trade

  • Whenever you go to work or school to gain a profession use specific tools that will inevitably lead to expensive, flawed, risky, opportunistic and many other things. Even in trading and financial terms, the characteristics of futures, futures or bonds are a necessary condition for consistent operation.

Specialize in a particular condition as well as professionals

  • We are professionals who color death and miracles in a particular condition. Solo così that can continue at some extent of the mass and find its margin of advantage as an independent trader. After a panoramic view, specialize in a market.

Do not limit the fiscality or the platform

  • Many are reluctant to rely on investing opportunities for non-perishable money as far as the commercial or non-perishable money is concerned with using a platform, even if it serves you well with tutorial or courses dedicated to supervising these little ones. of trading, no limits!

The BEST broker for your needs, EXISTS

  • Incidentally, the broker is the ultimate step that you will take. As long as as a trader you understand the real type of trader you are indeed, what is your trading style, your trading approach and as well any operating tools you use, no matter the broker. There is the best broker for your insurance, in which case the broker who specializes in all specialized brokers, looking for the right to be the first.

Speaking of the best broker for your needs. Our team have compiled the list below with the best Binary Options and Forex Brokers our there. You might want to check them out and find the best for your trading needs:

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The cost of a platform is an investment for your business

  • As long as you do business as a zero-cost activity, the “activity” password will come in all costs and risks. For example, the cost of opening a restaurant is paying the waiters, premium ingredients, the kitchen appliances etc… But if have poor ingredients or products or the waiters are rude, the customers will run away, and the costs of owning a restaurant after all will increase! Your trading platform is the cost of your business, this is there and always will be there and it should be there, find the best one for you and don’t pay too much attention to savings, because after all it is an investment.

Next, let’s move on to the trading tips on risk management, these are fundamental trading tricks to help you don’t lose money.

The 5 Most Valuable Tips on Risk and Capital Management

Do not invest more than 10% of your total capital in any trade

  • Always think in percentages and stick to the ground rules. The goal is to survive by earning just enough to accumulate a fortune year after year. The career as an trader can not be achieved in a few days or months, but in a lifetime. Be patient. Be humble.

Do not exceed more than 20% exposure of your portfolio on any single sector, area or industry

  • Working in multi-day  trading you might have noticed that on certain days your portfolio moves more than on others and if you expose yourself to more than 20% on the same sector, and that sector were to go downwards, your portfolio would lose more of the market or sector itself. Simply put, diversify and stick to the basic simple rules. Don’t put yourself in that risk.

Limit your trade at maximum loss of 2% of your total capital

  • This is one of the most famous trading tips and calls into play all the rules of money management. When planning your operation, when you predict your exit level or stop loss level check that it does not cause a loss greater than 2% on the total capital, adjust your trading size well, if you want a larger stop, lower the size of your trade.

Keep an eye on the statistical profit/loss table

  • That is, if you lose more than 15% of your total capital destined for trading you must necessarily stop and review your operations, to reduce the risk by reviewing the approach or simply disconnecting and stop trading for a few day. Remember that if you have $1000 and you lose 50% of it, you will get to $500 but then to return back to $1000 you had at the beginning as a percentage you will have to do 100% ! It’s simple math, and 100% profit is not exactly a simple thing to achieve while having in mind that nothing is guaranteed.

Do not use the “Martingale” strategy

  • The Martingale strategy involves doubling up on losing bets and reducing winning bets by half. At it’s core Martingale is a strategy that promotes a loss-averse mentality that tries to improve the odds of breaking even while at the same increases the chances of fast and total losses.
  • When you suffer a loss, the mental trap of revenge is fed exponentially but NEVER double the risk in the next trade to recover the previous one. The Martingale strategy works as long as you have infinite amount of money in your account. In trading, you will have many small profits, then there will be a single big loss that will shave your account, not to mention the “psychological trauma” that you will endure.

5 Trading Tips on the Importance of Trading Psychology

Always evaluate your performance over the long term

  • Yes, it is true! If a day is starting on the wrong foot we can feel it and negative emotions take us over and make us think about the worst. But remember dear fellow trader! What are 8 hours of bad trading over the course of a month, a 1 year, or eve a decade? Always evaluate your performance in the long term, you build your trading career over time, do not blow everything away because you close a day, a week, a month or even a year in the red.

Turn a loss into an advantage

  • When you analyze a loss do not trash everything only because of an outburst of anger. After you have unplugged and find your calm again try to re-evaluate everything and understand the reason for your loss, maybe you have neglected a rule or maybe there is still something you do not know in the market interpretation, with humility accept the lesson and grow.

Skills aren’t everything

  • Wait I’m not telling you throw away all your trading books and the knowledge you’ve acquired. I’m telling you that skills need to be used correctly and you shouldn’t overrun by the wrong state mind, bad psychology or emotional trading. Think about it for a moment, if the only the general trading rules were enough we will be millionaires by now, but undeniably after your trading skills what makes the difference is your approach to the culture of psychology of trading. Study the psychology of trading thoroughly if you really want to make a difference!

Take the profit and don’t chase the market

  • Respect your initial plan and take the profit or a part of it, even if the stock flies to the moon! Your goal is to respect the plan. Remember you can replicate the plan forever but sudden movements of the market cannot. Taking the profit is never wrong and if the title escapes you, do not chase it and do not feel at fault for having lost the opportunity of a lifetime. Your goal is to collect small gains constantly in a long period of time.

Please, not that: Stay solid in you rules, but flexible in your expectations

  • You don’t have to be a fortune teller and preduct the future of the market to make money from it. You must always stay determined and solid to your rules, but also flexible on what will happen. The market is irrational, you can’t and don’t command it, accept it without judgment. Take what it gives you and take advantage of what it offers you in your edge.

10 Trading Tips on Operations

Always use the stop loss

  • Stop losses protect your account and above all your psychology, try to see the positive from a loss, the winner is the one who gets up after a fall. Remember, re-evaluate, learn from your mistakes, come back stronger and more knowledgeable.

Never, ever enter the market if you don’t have a full plan

  • Every trip to the stock market is unique, and every self-respecting trip presents risks. If you are a professional trader you always have a plan that helps you decide your every choice without doubts or resistance. Enter the market only if you know when to go out at a loss, when to go out in profit and when to protect yourself.

Always use market orders for stop losses

  • When placing a stop loss it is absolutely essential that you can exit at any cost to stop the loss. The best order you can use for this condition is definitely the market order. The broker is obliged to execute it for you. Maybe your stop-loss order will be executed at a slightly different price, but this is normal, the important thing is to exit the trade.

Learn about order types

  • Knowing the types of orders is an essential concept for any self-respecting trader or investor, learning them all means evaluating the best operation for your trade.

Fundamental Trading Tip: Don’t turn a winning trade into a losing trade

If a trade goes towards your profit level then it touches it and goes back you put the position in a safe place. If you take the stop you will start saying: why didn’t I take profit even though it was 1 tick from my level? Prevention is better than cure, protect yourself and don’t bring a winning trade to the loosing side.

Taking profits is never wrong

  • It does not matter where your stock will go once you are out, the important thing is that you have respected your plan and stick to your rules. Remember: solid in rules, flexible in expectations. If you do not take profit and lose the profit, psychologically speaking, it is even more annoying so keep greed under control and take profit as per plan.

Know your strategy

  • Each strategy has inherent characteristics. You cannot expect from a reversal strategy to earn as much as a trend following and you cannot expect the accuracy of intra-day in the multi-day. To make it easier for you, if you buy a road car you cannot expect it to go beautifully on the motocross track or even in the dirt road. Get to know your car before taking certain dangerous routes. Learn about your strategy, when to use it, when not to use it and what to expect and what it can give you and what not by its nature.

Never widen the stop loss

  • When you decide your stop loss level, even if your stock is performing exceptionally good, you may think that you buy it again lower or sell higher. But NEVER widen your stop loss, the losses are only narrow and as soon as you can even evaluate a stop profit if your strategy foresees it.

Beware of short trades

  • The falling market is not the same as the rising market, there are many differences and subtle characteristics that you must necessarily know before thinking about speculating when the market falls. You are exposed to a limited gain and an unlimited loss, think about it for a moment: If you buy something at $10 and it can reach $100, $1000 or even $10000, but again, if you buy something at $10 and you lose 100% it can’t go below 0. Wrong! What a rookie mistake and to avoid it you have to study, learn and inform yourself well.

The stock exchange is not a grocery store

  • SALES SALES SALES! No, that’s not how it works on the stock market, depending on the approach you have, buying at low prices may not always be the right solution. In finance, buying a stock is not like buying a can of peas, you are not buying consumer goods like at the grocery store. Have you wondered why that stock is going down? He may go down and keep doing it for the rest of his life, perhaps because he is about to fail! In finance, there are no free meals, open your eyes and straighten your antennas.

These were 25 trading tips. They are some very important trading tricks that you cannot miss and should them constantly if you want to operate both smart and consciously.

If you can follow them all, I am sure that your trading will also be much more profitable.

The Most Important Tip of All!

You might found this list long and tiring but the also trading books are like this. So to save you some time. please read this list over and over again! Until i becomes as easy as your name to remember! These are some ground rules, the absolute foundation if you are an aspiring trader.

Follow these tips as you follow a warm ray of sunlight in a winter morning.


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