Zero-Covid Strategy Of China and Daily Market Analysis
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Zero-Covid Strategy Of China and Daily Market Analysis

The “zero-covid” strategy of China continues to raise the eyebrows of some lawmakers. Bank of Japan board member Toyoaki Nakamura said China’s strict blocking strategy could disrupt global growth by spreading supply chain disruption. Just-in-Time logistics, which pioneered Toyota 60 years ago, is going through dark times around the world. The main logistics points of the JIT are the elimination of too large stocks and the support of agile transport and production. Since then, it has been the gold standard in logistics not only in car production, but in every business.

Mary Daly, a Fed official, supports raising interest rates in March. In a recent interview with CNN, he pointed to the need to control inflation and the fact that the Fed “cannot be too aggressive and analysts cannot be too slow. Inflation is expected to remain high and the rate is unlikely to fall. then 2% per year due to bottlenecks in the supply chain.

However, with the pandemic and especially with China’s authoritarian exclusion measures, the supply chain was reduced to ashes. Social travel, locking and quarantine have affected the JIT puzzle – a much more complex and vulnerable system – so its debt in China threatens the rest of the world. “Semiconductor chips are likely to be short of supply all year,” Nakamura said.

The price of Brent crude oil is 91.13 USD, WTI – 89.64 USD, GBP / USD – 1.3572, EUR / USD – 1.1424 and the price of gold is 1827.75 USD per ounce.

Gold Analysis

The price of gold could break the level of 1825.15 and close the daylight over it, which would support the continuation of the bullish trend in the intraday period, making 1860.00 another positive target.

The EMA50 continues to support the proposed bullish wave, signaling that breaking and keeping 1825.15 will put the price under negative pressure and re-target the 1797.00 area with each new ascent attempt.

Expected trade margin: between support 1815.00 and resistance 1845.00. Forecast trend: strong.

Gold Analysis Chart of February 2022
Gold Analysis Chart – Source: Grand Capital

GBP/USD Analysis

The British pound is consolidating against the dollar above 1.3525 and represents more positive trades to continue to indicate a bullish trend over the intraday horizon, wait for further growth and test the level of 1.3610, which will be another positive target.

Breaking this level will push the price to 1.3750 as the next main station, while a force above 1.3525 is an important condition for achieving the proposed goals.

Expected volume of trading: between 1.3550 support and 1.3650 resistance.

General trend forecast: neutral. DIAGRAM

GBP/USD Analysis Chart
GBP/USD Analysis Chart – Source: Grand Capital

AUD/CAD analysis

The general trend is origin. The resulting wave structure is currently cut off. Awesome Oscillator indicates bearish divergence and Stochastic Oscillator indicates overbought.

Trading idea:

Sell ​​if a descending wave structure is formed where the wave (A) intersects the inclined path of the resulting shortened structure. The stop loss is greater than the local maximum of the emerging structure.

Target level: 0.9008; 0.8915.

AUD/CAD Analysis Chart
AUD/CAD Analysis Chart – Source: Grand Capital

Trading idea for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (XETRA) #BMW

A general trend is beginning. Awesome Oscillator indicates bullish divergence and Stochastic Oscillator signals oversold conditions. The structure of the subsequent waves is cut off. Business idea:

Buy when a rising wave structure is formed, with the wave (A) penetrating the inclined path of the local cutting structure.

Stop loss below the local minimum in the progeny structure.

Target level: 99.32.

Trading idea for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (XETRA)
Trading idea for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (XETRA) – Source: Grand Capital

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